Fractint Discussion List Pars and Formulas

This page contains collections of Fractint parameters and formulas that have been posted to the Fractint Mailing List since its inception in August 1997 (That's 5615 Fractastic Images!)

Fractint List 2003 Fractint List Pars - 2003
Fractint List 2002 Fractint List Pars - 2002
Fractint List 2001 Fractint List Pars - 2001
Fractint List 2000 Fractint List Pars - 2000
Fractint List 1999 Fractint List Pars - 1999
Fractint List 1998 Fractint List Pars - 1998
Fractint List 1997 Fractint List Pars - 1997

Many thanks to Roger Kaufman for compiling collections #38 - #43 (Oct.2001 onward)

Fractint Formula and IFS Files:

All of the formulas required for the Fractint List par collections have been compiled into one convenient file
**REVISED & UPDATED! May.12.03**
Download it now: (177K)

There is a similar collection containing the Iterated Function System (IFS) posted to the list
**REVISED & UPDATED! Sep.29.01**
Download it now: (10K)

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