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You can also re-create these images at any size by saving the .gif thumbnails and loading them directly into the latest version of FRACTINT
Better still, download the pars and see the whole collection!
Many of the images require specific Fractint Formulas which are also downloadable here.

kscope18 kscope17 kscope28 kscope01
kscope.PAR (1997) 30 IMAGES Click to download (7K)

ad2_z18 ad2_z10 ad2_z01
ad2_zoom.PAR (1996) 27 IMAGES Click to download (6K)

The next 4 collections were inspired by the formulas of Sylvie Gallet:

sp_01 sp_06 sp_66
SYLVIE.PAR (1996) 70 IMAGES Click to download (13K)
g4_07_01 g4_09_02 g4_11_02
SYLVIE2.PAR (1996) 43 IMAGES Click to download (11K)
g5_01_03 g5_08_18 g5_08_29
SYLVIE3.PAR (1996) 72 IMAGES Click to download (12K)
g6_01_02 g7_05_01 g6_01_03
SYLVIE4.PAR (1997) 64 IMAGES Click to download (9K)

This is where I started (1994 onward):

palm_tre tennis_b venus_fl
Palm Trees Tennis Ball Venus Fly-Trap
tomato icebergs wink
Tomato & Kiwi Icebergs Wink
LESVOL1.PAR (1994-1995) 60 IMAGES Click to download (8K)

These images are (c)Copyright 1994-1998 by Les St Clair
If you would like to use any of them for commercial purposes please contact me at
...Just replace the square brackets with @

Fractint Formula Files:

All of the formulas required for my images have been compiled into one convenient file (les_pars.frm)
Download it now: (7K)

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