Fractint Images and Par files (Page 2 of 3):

Click an image to see the bigger picture!

You can also re-create these images at any size by saving the .gif thumbnails and loading them directly into the latest version of FRACTINT
Better still, download the pars and see the whole collection!

ti_mod03 ti_mod40 ti_mod20
TENT_MOD.PAR (1997) 52 IMAGES Click to download (10K)

bjlf1301 bjlf1316 bjlf1321
BJ_LF13.PAR (1996) 24 IMAGES Click to download (6K)

The next 4 collections are based on my own Fractal Formulas:

lf01_02 lf02_03 lf04_14
LESFRM01.PAR (1995) 57 IMAGES Click to download (5K)
lf03_18 lf09_04 lf10_08
LESFRM02.PAR (1996) 48 IMAGES Click to download (5K)
lf11_08 lf11_05 lf11_07
lesfrm03.PAR (1996) 35 IMAGES Click to download (7K)
lf12_06 lf16_04 lf21_02
LESFRM04.PAR (1996) 100 IMAGES Click to download (9K)

HIPQUIZ! - All of the images are named after album tracks from my record collection.
Get the par, see the images, do the quiz!

hq_20 hq_22 hq_32
HIPQUIZ.PAR (1996) 36 IMAGES Click to download (8K)

HYPNOTIC! - When you have loaded the images into FRACTINT hit the Color Cycling keys
...for a truly Hypnotic effect!

hypno_09 hypno_23 hypno_16
HYPNOTIC.PAR (1996) 27 IMAGES Click to download (5K)

These images are (c)Copyright 1994-1998 by Les St Clair
If you would like to use any of them for commercial purposes please contact me at
...Just replace the square brackets with @

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