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Part 1
Parameters previously uploaded to CompuServe's GraphDev Forum:

ammod02 dmjmod05 stalks3
Autumn Colors Gift-wrapped Spiral Stalks

lf3402 lf3408 lf3501
Rainbow Dancer The Stargate Opens Hydrogen Hydroxide

FORUM_96.PAR (1996) 121 IMAGES + Formulas Click to download (32K)
FORUM_97.PAR (1997) 70 IMAGES + Formulas Click to download (21K)

Part 2
"Odds & Sods"...leftovers from 1996-7:

9612a11 9606a03 9612c01

9701a10 9708c02 9708e13

LEFTO_96.PAR (1996) 89 IMAGES + formulas Click to download (18K)
LEFTO_97.PAR (1997) 175 IMAGES + formulas Click to download (34K)

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